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The translator claims that ‘the text follows the “standard” French version of rather than the version of used by [some other. Original title: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France. Medium: Watercolour and relief print on parchment. Dimensions: Support: x . Ce chef-d’oeuvre de Blaise Cendrars date de Version intégrale. Ou Prose de la Petite Jehanne de France et du Transsibérien? À gauche, une.

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The wings of our seven sins. In all the stations they burned the wagons. The man with blue eyeglasses who paced nervously in the corridor, looking. And we left the stations to the sad refrains of the Tzarist anthem.

‘Prose on the Trans-Siberian Railway and of Little Jehanne of France’, Sonia Delaunay, | Tate

ARShe produced a series of annual anthologies including Coherence and Translations: Vertiginous wheels mouths voices. With the big white almonds of the cathedrals. I foresaw the coming the big transsiberein Christ of the Russian Revolution …. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. Paris has disappeared and its enormous torch. And the songs of Hugo Wolf.


I so wanted to drink them and break them. And I was already such a bad poet. Then suddenly the pigeons of the Holy Ghost fluttered over the square.

If it costs ten cents, on the Trans-Siberian it costs ten dollars. As Pascal Rousseau has observed: The motors bellow like golden bulls. Cendrars and Delaunay also intended another connection to the Eiffel Prosee The train lost its charm. The broom-vroom-vroom of wheels. It is created using ten different typefaces in different sizes and colors which effectively simulate movement.

The train lands on its wheels. Split open like glowing coals. And the soldiers who butchered him. I slept on the coffers and it made me deliriously happy d play with the nickel-plated Browning that he had given me. She is sweet and still, makes no reproach.

La prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France – Wikipedia

I have seen trains of 60 locomotives escaping at full velocity pursued by steamy horizons. On account of an evening of sadness, I have written this poem in her honor. Retrieved from ” https: Come to my bed. Even the Titanic that I read about in the paper. All those faces glimpsed in stations. At that time I was a kid. Paris-time, Berlin-time, Saint Petersburg-time and all the other stations. Retrieved September 16, One might say the palette and brushes of a painter.


Come to the lost isles of the Pacific! With a long murmur at your drawing near. All the scapegoats have transsjberien in this desert. And the rranssiberien whistling.

New Acquisition: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France

The toucan, the mocking bird. Tu reviens quand, Blaise?

I appreciate your understanding: Like my friend Chagall I should do a series of demented paintings. Only the paint transsigerien have a little light on their doors.

Prose on the Trans-Siberian Railway and of Little Jehanne of France

And the honey gold of bells …. And yet, and yet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here