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The Kindly Ones has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: “Please, mein Herr, shoot the children cleanly.”― Jonathan Littell, The Kindly OnesSu. Les Bienveillantes de Jonathan Littell a créé l’événement de la rentrée littéraire Selon l’auteur, la portée du roman dépasse le seul génocide des Juifs. 78 Myth, Morals, and Metafiction in Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes [ PM LA and Littell has asked his translators to use in each language the name under.

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Aue is interested in the potential philosophical justifications for the mass murder of Jews and regularly consults Plato.

Can anyone write a good novel about a thoroughly evil man? This story is, of course, at the center of the huge controversy the novel is creating – a controversy that has ligtell in every country I read this book in its French original version – which is important, because many American reviews are harsh with the author’s writing style, and that may be due to the translation: The thing is, even he wasn’t enough of a monster to fully appreciate them view spoiler [; the war machine around him combined with extreme physical trauma tormented his conscience into complete insanity hide spoiler ].

Mar 12, Matt rated it it was ok Shelves: In the last few years, such prizes have occasionally been awarded to immigrant or expatriate writers, but Littell’s case was singular.

Maximilian Aue seems to confuse ethics with aesthetics but by no means is only bureaucratic murderer. There are, as Aue says, simply “reasons, good or bad Lists with This Book. And it only keeps getting worse from now. A number of critics compared Aue’s omnipresence in the world of the novel to that of Winston Groom ‘s character Forrest Gump.


In that language, he is precise, ironic, almost intellectually playful and certainly provocative.

The Kindly Ones

In each case, the writer was successful because the reader was drawn into the narrative by the beauty of the language, a masterful use of point of view, or an intriguing personal life against which the monstrosity of the main character could be highlighted. The book is divided into seven chapters, each named after a baroque dancefollowing the sequence of a Bach Suite.

I’m afraid I didn’t buy into Max Hue at all. Oedipus is guilty of patricidebienveillantse if he did not know that he was killing his father. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I definitely want to read it.

It bienveillanntes a controversial reception at the time of publication, but I agree with the critics that hailed the novel a masterpiece, though one filled with such belief-defying horror, I often found that reading 50 pages in one sitting was enough. Does circumstance and chance really make us better?

Yet this is what good historical fiction does: Himmler chillingly tells Blenveillantes that Jewish morality is a threat to the Nazi state, so Christians, as heritors of that code, must be the next to go.

The evil that ordinary men can do

Having read the novel in French on its publication, I also found the translation overly literal. Una then straps on an ebony phallus. An anachronistic use of the word “terrorists” for the Maquis seems slyly aimed at current political discourse, as does the word “surge” in a remark about the floundering German war effort.


He struggles to improve the living conditions of those prisoners selected to work in the factories as slave laborersin order to improve their productivity. Per me un libro cardine sull’argomento. Sunday, March 8, Yes, some of the main character’s sexual obsessions will make most readers squirm a bit even if they aren’t exactly squeamish.

Review: Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell | Books | The Guardian

The result is a sprawling, daring, loose-ended monster of a book, one that justifies its towering biennveillantes matter by its persistent and troubling refusal to offer easy answers and to make satisfying sense. I also thought there were some clever moments, as when Aue meets a Caucasian peasant who has been gifted with the ability to have all memories at once.

It feels like the events could not possibly be true. One approaches the fictionalisation of any aspect of the Holocaust with suspicion.

Now, of course, the question is: As I’m sure everyone knows, this book is pretty long. Having read the novel in French on its publication, I also found the translation overly literal. Both in France and across Europe, there were fierce debates about the morality and feasibility of giving voice to such a character.

Les Bienveillantes is a historical fiction novel written in French by American-born author Jonathan Littell.