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hope after loss. Read Common Sense Media’s How to Save a Life review, age rating, and parents guide. Sara Zarr · Coming of Age; Save · Rate book. Jill MacSweeney just wishes everything could go back to normal. But ever since her dad died, she’s been isolating herself from her boyfriend, her. Book Review: How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr. Posted on October 12, Title: How to Safe a Life. Author: Sara Zarr. Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult.

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How to Save a Life

Mandy was an interesting character. They were very close, and she thinks about him constantly. Sorry this is my second question but i was only alowed so many characters. Subjects Young Adult Fiction. I thought that Jill should have had to own up to a few things throughout the book and for some reason the author just gave her a by on all of it.

With him, Jill is able to confront her past ghosts and come to terms with her father’s death, along with the new change in her life that includes Mandy and a baby – one who will be Jill’s younger sister or brother.

Sara Zarr, an expert in her field of YA contemporaries, crafted a unique story of family, love, independence and dependance, without alienating her readers with a story too bizarre to believe.

What Zarr is best as is character development. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels?

I felt for them every step of the way, from page one till the very end. I could imagine how lifd felt when your own mother “seems” to love and get lide very easily with other girl of the same age than with you. But after getting to know her, I can honestly say she was a real sweetheart. Furthermore, their ending is open and ambiguous, but that’s what makes it oh-so-perfect. Meanwhile Mandy lives the opposite of Jill’s life plus the fact that she’s pregnant makes her life a lot heavier.


When Amanda finds out she’s pregnant, zzrr decides she’s going to put the baby up for adoption. This was my first book by the author and I am awed. It all unfolds beautifully in the story, and it filled my heart with so much love for these two girls that I just want the best for them too.

It is hard to explain what made me love this book, the words are hard to find. The author did a really good job at showing how your perception of people can be completely wrong. Is this a bad thing? Frequently Challenged Books for Kids and Teens. Alas, you are not so lucky — because I am a wordy betch, and I really like to saraa my fangirl saa. Add your rating See all 1 parent review.

It follows the life of two teenagers- Jill and Mandy. December 10, 22 20 Dec 19, Sara, are you more of a chocolate lab person, or, say, daschund? Or eventually forgot it.

This story held special meaning for me since I was also pregnant around the same age as Mandy, and I felt the author did an okay job telling Mandy’s POV. The characters, oh the characters, they are so real, so strong and so mature that it was difficult to imagine that they were really teenagers. I do have some praise for her ending and it is this view spoiler [ Almost every time a YA author starts a story and the main character has a boyfriend they are constantly falling into this cop out ending that really irritates me.


The characters in How to Save a Life are hard to like. And How to Save a Life simply proved me right. To ask other readers questions about How to Save a Lifeplease sign up. When pregnant teen Mandy arrives to live with the family adopting her baby, she is leaving behind a mean mother and her mother’s sexually abusive boyfriend.

Both these guys got a bit of a rough deal in this story. Mandy was annoying and needy, and Jill was a mean bitch. Mandy was so shallow and stupid, but I worried about her.

I especially enjoyed all the care given to mention Mandy’s child and her own conflicted feelings over giving up the baby and wanting a better home for it. My ARC shows two empty benches. How to Save a Life touched me in the way not many novels have.

How to Save a Life — sara zarr

Just be warned that there are mature themes suggested in this book. Will she ever find someone to care for her, too? Others it was funny and quirky. How To Save A Life weaves together the dual narration of Jill, grieving for her father, and Mandy, a pregnant zadr seeking a better life for her unborn child.