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Doomsday is a standalone and thus does not require the original HoI2 to be installed. Finally, Armageddon or “ARMA”, is a booster pack for Doomsday that was. For Doomsday, there is new command line parameter WINDOWED, which . and delete remaining data manually (delete your HoI2 installation directory). Finland, Vichy France, Japan and Italy can manually be asked to join the Axis In Armageddon, Germany should also switch to Head of Intelligence: Hans Oster .

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If you later declare war on Persia doomsxay may annex some of the central Asian puppets, but when you then annex Persia you get the whole thing! Since the specific province that is going to be bombed is decided by AI, you may need to follow where your bomber goes.

Farben researches Production Control. If you press Ddoomsday and then key in and enter event you get the “Unholy Alliance” option with the Soviet Union.

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday

Mod 33 has a brand new fighting engine, thousands of historical and non-historical events, exclusive graphics music effects and sounds, as well as the possiblity to play each time a diferent game with an uncertain backstage and context, facing the same challenges as the historical leaders actually did.

It is very difficult to land directly in US coasts. This article is a candidate to be merged with Germany.

Choosing this could backfire if Japan hasn’t had the Nomahan Incident yet. Look at screen related utilities for concrete one. By that date, Germany should be fully prepared for war. Another effective way to gain a beachhead is to move your invasion forces next to Cardiff, land paratroopers there, and sail your forces to the now peaceful port.

You have a unit nearby when the scenario starts, just march in there. Japan, the UK, mnual the USA are all reasonable dolmsday for blueprint stealing — any other nations are sure to be far behind Germany in their research. Creating it will remove some TC burden as well as gaining more manpower and three divisions, making it a good option.


Note that even veteran players of HOI2, for the most part, abide dooomsday historical events at least until war with Poland. If you want a replica of history read a book about it. For beginning players, Germany can be a challenging manua. Also Head of Intelligence to Oskar von Hindenburg is a good idea if Germany is planning on influencing countries. Germany’s starting ministers have fairly good traitsbut the setup can be improved.

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

No, create an account now. Gibraltar is frequently unguarded, so you can alternatively capture it with paratroopers from Bordeaux, saving you the intervention in Spain. Just rename or delete the avi directory where you installed HoI2 and the game will just skip over them. A player that seeks to make Germany into a Naval Superpower would abandon the Sealane Interdiction doctrine, and likely go for Fleet-in-Being doimsday.

This will trigger an event called “Re-Occuptation of the Rhineland” which will give:. Paratroopers are generally not worth it. See also a complete list of German Ministers. This is so obvious, because tanks have so good toughness and with self propelled brigades they are almost impossible to destroy. Dopmsday can create a puppet Pakistan if you capture enough provinces in western India, and from there you can annex Nepal and Bhutanthough the infrastructure Himalayas may be doomsray.

If they do join then take control of Spanish army and capture Gibraltar with them. If you follow my instructions, you will be very strong opponent in the future.

Attack with 8 CAS at night and 8 in morning.

The Complete Newbie Guide – Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki

At the very start of the scenario, you need to move at least one ground unit to Cologne. With this strategy you will see that France will surrender very soon. For example, assuming Germany ignores Tank Destroyers and Anti-Tank Artillery considered hli2 units in gameby May,it is possible for Germany to have researched every and technology.

Views Read View source View history. The HQ Units in Action strategy guide provides an excellent guide in the effective use of HQ units, combined with armor and motorized infantry, in order to quickly annex Poland.


This will create you a small navel base to attack the british mainland. Testing produced the following results:. Looks like espionage is less of a pain now, too. Later in the game, adding FTR is recommended, since the short range and the upgrade path of INT will hurt during World conquest campaigns. Then push forward to Paris, and try to destroy as many Britons you can. Advanced players sometimes perform 3 serial runs of factories, but this requires a very rapid buildup and organization of your armed forces inwhich can be challenging for new players.

Since Germany is the most event driven nation of the game, most players noob and veteran alike conduct war on the basis of events. Each test was conducted by choosing the nation of Tibet, setting game speed to maximum, and timing how long it takes for one month of game time to elapse. If you have difficulty playing HoI2 with the “offical” resolution, it might help you solve the problem. This can be done before or after gaining complete control of North Africa or even just after the creation of Vichy France.

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I still love you. The problem with capturing Gibraltar is that it is not possible to doomsdat amphibious assault there. In the Anthology pack, Armageddon is a standalone and thus does not require any other game version to be installed while as a dkomsday game it is an add-on for Doomsday and thus requires Doomsday to be installed.

Iceland will serve as a good launch pad for further invasion on Greenland and America.

Mod HoI33 for DD/DDA (1933 – 1953 )

At the beginning build factories. Compatibility Patch for Armageddon Mod33 version 1. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.