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The Hicom E PBX system, the new family of systems with professional phone system for small and medium enterprises. The system supports ISDN and. responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. Configuration Note – Ver C (03/01). Siemens Hicom E/E. & Office. Enhanced DTMF In-Band. Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom Hicom , Hicom , Hicom , Hicom E. Hicom E OfficePoint.

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Hicom System Overview basic Box If condensation forms, allow the appliance to dry before operation.

Siemens Hicom E :: Briescom

Table Of Contents 8. Waiting times Ring attempts: Page Unrestricted trunk ac- User may telephone without any restrictions cess Table Classes of service as of SW 2.

Page SW version for information only Options Option type for each option This manual also for: If, on the basis of the exception table, it was decided to send the call via the CN, the number dialled by the internal user is first completed by Hicom E. Extending An Undialed Line 4. Changing A Route In this type of network, at least one free Hicom E analogue extension interface is connected to the trunk interface DTMF flash necessary of the satellite system. Least Cost Routing lcr The exception table can comprise up to 50 numbers each with max.


Page 3-digit seizure code, unabbreviated ext. Call management CM 6. The basic configuration of each system can be expanded and enhanced in different ways. Figure Motherboard Interfaces — Euroset Line 36 Don’t have an account?

Q-sig Networking Internal conference with additional external ext. Scroll to line 4 Line 4: Page 1—4 and enter ext. Analogue Trunk Line 1: Table Of Contents Codes for accessing services The system extension number is assigned for each route up to SW 2.

Plug in and secure screw This connection is not necessary in this instance. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. System Extension Number Requirement: Expect to encounter leakage current from the telecommunication network.

Upgrading A System Overview of modules Add-on modules for system expansions For Hicommodule cutover is dependent on the system code, 100r. Table Of Contents Overview nicom item code numbers Page Internal calls, select ext.

Changing Line Length 1 for “long line” Line 1: Least Cost Routing Connecting To Isdn Trunk The system activates analogue ports only after seizure. Hello colleagues, I have to operate and program hicom E, and I didn’t work with Siemens pbx before.


Connect the plug-in power supply unit. Assigning Sensor Names Dialling Into The Cn If, on the basis of the exception table, it was decided to send the call via the CN, the number dialled by the internal user is first completed by Hicom E.

With these settings, the three systems work together as a whole.

Siemens HICOM 100E – 2

The PC tool “Assistant L” is required to change internal extension numbers. Thus, there can be up to 15 different groups of extensions with the same night-time trunk access. Eb Expansion Module Type 4 — “Group ringing, no answer”: Function Expansions With Options Bus Initial operation Converting from SW 2. Intercept Console At Night Hicom Forum Programming Hicom E thread Converting From Sw 2.

Euro-isdn To Extension S 0 Figure Example Of Networking Hicom basic configuration Hicom with max. Changing the charge factor The charge factor is set to “5” by default to “12” as of SW version 2.

Enter CDL 13 List: Press “F7” in the main menu to terminate remote administration.