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I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘The Turning Point’. This welcome hexagram signifies a return to joy, intimacy, passion and. Archetype Returning. CR P02 C24 A Then Jesus said, “There was a man who had two sons. The younger of them said to his father, ‘Father, give me the. So both hexagrams are part of the work of making things possible: clearing and renewing the space that sustains limitless growth. In Hexagram 24, a single yang .

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Akira Rabelais : Book of Changes

This good fortune results from our treating others with loving-kindness. True personality is always a vocation and puts its trust in it as in God, despite its being, as the ordinary man would say, only a personal feeling. There is nothing keeping you from seeing that the proper course is to acknowledge a turning point and to return.

For this One is the ascending force of life in nature and in man. If with her views she puts the hosts in motion, the end will be a great defeat, whose issues will extend to the ruler of the state. In this way you cultivate your character and will surely attain great things. When you own your conditionconstant rejection reflects your inability to commit. It tore away the old images, ideas, purposes, attachments… whatever was draining and wasting vital energies.


The concept behind it is the acknowledgment of one’s Source, a review of the past cycle and a meditation upon the new cycle just beginning. There may be a homecoming or a return to a past situation.

Using adjusting individuality indeed. There is a need to align intention and commitment with the truth of what you are truly capable of achieving. An unresolved situation presents itself again.

In readings, Return can be a reminder to simplify the question and touch base. Return, in the old Chinese character, shows a foot going out from a town, and a road to walk on. Line 5 When the turning gexagrama arrives, the noble search their heart, and so hfxagrama their proper course.

The position is perilous, but there will be no error. The Earlier Kings used culminating sun to bar the passages.

Your current milieu is inferior. This is due to his submission to the one having the love for mankind.

His actions show movement directed in accordance with the natural order. There are patterns or cycles in your life that become apparent during a time of Return. A return blessed by heaven — good fortune!

Some lucky people suffer small ones early in life, and hesagrama that they can survive a period of collapse. After a period of struggle or darkness, Return ensures that things can only get brighter.


The Confucian commentary suggests the paraphrase: Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit. Nature is a Teacher.

A military expedition will end in a great defeat, which is disastrous even for the ruler of the nation; even in ten years there is no victory.

Max Kaltenmark — Lao Tzu and Taoism Seven days is one-quarter of a lunar cycle and the module upon which a week is based. Failure can be the result of your lack of commitment. This is the cusp of a turnaround — a time for letting go of the old and making way for the new; a time of new beginnings. The seventh day comes, you return.

I Ching Hexagram #24:

The return to success after a period of heavy defeat is the only way to self mastery. Seven days is one-quarter of a lunar cycle and the module upon which a week is based. It is emphatic here for “Humanity” — man in his ideal state. You need to follow your own insight and not just blindly follow others which will lead to good fortune.

Thick return; there is no regret. Psychologically interpreted, forces in the unconscious psyche demand a pause before hexaframa dance can resume.