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The Purpose of FMVSS U. ▫. CFR = Code of Federal Regulations. ▫. “This standard specifies requirements to afford impact protection for. Internationally there are two important regulations regarding the design of interiors, such as cockpits, roof and door liners: The U.S. FMVSS and the. /Tuesday, September 11, /Rules and Regulations .. driver’s seating position in an FMVSS No. pole impact test, or (b) HIC15 performance of .

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Windshield trim means molding of any material between the windshield glazing and the exterior roof surface, including material that covers a part of either the windshield glazing or exterior roof surface. To ensure compliance of this requirement, head impact tests are conducted at 12 and regylation mph for performance verification. If the horizontal line is tangent to the periphery at more ffmvss one point at any location, the most inboard point is used to determine the daylight opening.

Locate the horizontal plane Plane 17 mm below Plane The requirements do not apply to any target that cannot reguation located using the procedures of S It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly. Fmvds it was initially developed for metals, it is commonly used for polymers as well. The X coordinate is negative forward of the Y-Z plane and positive to the rear. Leg joints are adjusted with the torso in the supine position.

Srikanth Krishnaraj – Profile – SAE International

If this is not sufficient to produce the fmvws mm 2 inches distance, the seat is moved forward until the 50 mm 2 inches distance is achieved or until the knees of the dummy contact the dashboard or knee bolster, whichever comes first.

Locate a horizontal plane Plane 40 half-way between Plane 38 and Plane Seat belt anchorage means any component involved in transferring seat belt loads to the vehicle structure, including, but not limited to, the attachment hardwarebut excluding webbing or straps, seat frames, seat pedestals, and the vehicle structure itself, whose failure causes separation of the belt from the vehicle structure.

Ambulance means a motor vehicle designed exclusively for the purpose of emergency medical care, as evidenced by the presence fnvss a passenger compartment to accommodate emergency medical personnel, one or more patients on litters or cots, and equipment and supplies for emergency care at a location or during transport.


Locate the point Point 6 at the intersection of the interior roof surface, Plane 12 and the plane, described in S8. Locate the point Point 12 at the intersection of the interior roof surface, Plane 25 and the plane, described in S8. Target BP4 is the point located in Plane 11 and on the interior surface of the B-pillar which is closest to CG-R for the nearest seating position. Where the term a is the resultant head acceleration expressed as a multiple of g the acceleration of gravityand t1 and t2 are any two points in time during the impact which are separated by not more than a 36 millisecond time interval.

The maximum horizontal approach angle for the right door frame equals the angle formed by that line and the X-axis of the vehicle measured counterclockwise. Refine Your Search Industry.

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Measuring along the vehicle exterior surface in a longitudinal vertical plane Plane 2 passing through Point 1, locate a point Point 2 50 mm rearward of Point 1. The top, if any, of convertibles and open-body type vehicles shall be in the closed passenger compartment configuration. The minimum horizontal approach angle for the left A-pillar impact equals the angle formed by that line and the X-axis of the vehicle, measured counterclockwise. Locate the horizontal plane passing through the dummy head center of gravity.

S5 Requirements for instrument panels, seat backs, interior compartment doors, sun visors, and armrests. The maximum horizontal approach angle for the left door frame equals the angle formed by that line and the X-axis of the vehicle measured counterclockwise, or degrees, whichever is greater. All interior compartment door assemblies with a locking device must be tested with the locking device in an unlocked position. Dynamically deployed upper interior head protection system means a protective device or devices which are integrated into a vehicle and which, when activated by an impact, provide, through means requiring no action from occupants, protection against head impacts with upper interior structures and components of the vehicle in crashes.

The impact reference line shall be aligned with the center line of the rigid pole so that, when the vehicle-to-pole contact occurs, the center line of the pole contacts the vehicle area bounded by two transverse vertical planes 38 mm 1.


Occupant head impact simulations on automotive instrument panels IP are routinely performed as part of an integrated design process during the course of IP development.

Locate a horizontal plane Plane 35 half-way between Plane 33 and Plane If the seat belt mounting structure is below a horizontal plane passing through CG-F2 for the left seat, locate the point mm directly regulatino CG-F2 and locate a line formed by the shortest horizontal distance between that point and the left seat belt mounting structure.

For vehicles manufactured by fmvs stage manufacturers on or after September 1, and before September 1,a percentage of the manufacturer’s production as specified in S6. Locate a horizontal plane Plane 15 half-way between Plane 13 and Plane Target BP3 is the point located in Plane 10 and on the interior surface of the B-pillarwhich is closest to CG-F 2 for the nearest seating position. Once critical impact 210 are identified, CAE simulations performed which is a repetitive process that involves computing impact angles, positioning the rigid head form with an assigned initial velocity and defining suitable contacts within the finite element model.

Head Impact on Vehicle Interiors: FMVSS and UN R21 – Empowering Engineers

Locate a horizontal plane Plane 10 half-way between Plane 8 and Plane 9. The HIC d shall not exceed when calculated in accordance with the following formula:. If a seat belt anchorage is located on the B-pillarTarget BP2 is located at any point on the anchorage. Locate a horizontal plane Plane 34 that passes through the lowest point of the adjacent daylight opening forward of the door frame.

Each vehicle shall comply with the requirements specified in S5.

Locate the point Point 23 on the vehicle interior, at the intersection of the horizontal plane through the highest point of the highest adjacent regulatiom opening or daylight opening if there is no adjacent door opening and the center line of the width of the other door frameas viewed laterally with the doors in the closed position.