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Buy Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism by Mike Davis, Daniel Bertrand Monk (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism. Mike Davis, Editor, Daniel Bertrand Monk, Editor. New Press $ (p) ISBN. Original Articles. Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism. Mike Davis and Daniel Bertrand Monk, editors. Eugene McCann Simon Fraser.

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Lists with This Book. In its maundering about a mythical ideal-type capitalism, libertarianism betrays its fear of actually existing capitalism, at which it cannot quite succeed. Is that not happening anymore? Starting off with a series of essays about the primary or side effects of “NeoLiberalism” a term, admittedly I wasn’t familiar with paravises if this book is any indication it neoliberlaism be as common as the phrase “Global Warming” in sundry distant nations, it seems to break down a bit around the second half when the essays pin-point specific western and mostly US things like cruise ships, military strategy theory, mega-malls what is it with Italian scholars and malls?

What story are they telling the people inside them? Jww rated it really liked it Sep 22, Refresh and try again. Love love love Mike Davis. I would say the first half of the articles about various regional specificities and oddities was the most interesting and informative, but the whole set starts to taper off after the discussions of Sun City and retirement communities Certainly, it would be nice if more land were put into public trust, but that’s not going to happen.

Most of the rest were largely descriptive, showing how capitalism created this or that gated community and what’s wrong with it, but not really saying much beyond.

Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism

It is a philosophy of capitalist inadequacy I’m glad they covered the Space program where the unwashed masses can watch the really rich people take a trip paadises space Support The New Press. The essay I probably liked best was something of an outlier among the others. How many thousand unstable technologies do these skills depend upon, and how many more ephemeral, transient, or simply foolish threads can be spun upon Everything is a wreck. However, sufficient evidence is provided to conclude that the evils of neoliberalism are convoluted with a desire to create urban enclaves for those who can afford it but at the expense of the underclass.


The breakdown in the static social and economic structure was precipitated by a breakdown in export markets and an unwillingness to share the economic and social benefits with those whose labor was used in obtaining them.

In Hong Kong, Cairo, and even the Iranian desert, burgeoning communities of nouveaux riches have taken shelter in fantasy Californias, complete with Mickey Mouse statues, while their maids sleep in rooftop chicken coops. Apr 10, Rick rated it really liked it.

Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism by Mike Davis

Thereafter I was a bit bored or confused by folks who really wanted me to know they know their critical theory Published July 1st by The New Press first published Stories of America in an Age of Repression. Oct 27, Laura added it. Books by Mike Davis. Sign up to receive newsletters and event invitations. This book explores the excesses and absurdities of modern hyper-capitalism. Although they read like science fiction, the case studies are shockingly real. Was hoping for something more fun and less academic.

Dec 07, Jamil rated it liked it. Is this even hyperbole anymore? I want to paradiises of these practices as evil. This confirms that you are a human visitor and prevents spam.

This disparity is significantly more pronounced in third world countries not having democratic protections.

Evil Paradises | The New Press

If not, is it because those running retreat parqdises have themselves become so materially-minded that they’ve lowered their standards just to get people in to pay the bills? This is the gritty world underneath the glitzy tourist brochures.


The language and style lends itself a theoretical aridness in a fair number of the essays and in some there is an underlying tone of animosity towards those possessing wealth. One can commend Monk for including a handful of well-done articles about the ecological and political effects of gated communities One essay provides an interesting reflection on museums but has little if no relevance to the evils of neoliberalism and its impact on the urban structure while another essay discuses floating utopias and raises some interesting points concerning Libertarianism.

The growth of transnational urban centers of power echoes something Niall Ferguson said about a new Dark Age: Dec 02, Ed Erwin rated it liked it Shelves: And some of the essays here on Hong Kong and Cairo are well-done, as is the essay on post-cartel Medellin and the account of upscale developments in Iran.

I was hoping for more of an exploration of the actual spaces created, not just the fact of their existence and the ideology behind it. Preview — Evil Paradises by Mike Davis. Nearly the same bug infests libertarianism which: But the whole thing was ruined by the final essay, a wantonly pretentious piece of deconstructivist guff about It’s a compilation of essays about neoliberal paradises around the world, so there’s some unevenness to the writing, but it’s quite informative if you’re curious about how the world’s elite really live.

The people outside them?