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The fascinating, implausible life of Tsu Hsi, or “Orchid,” was reviled by the revolutionary Chinese, but here it receives a sympathetic treatment from Min ( Red. Empress Orchid tells the story of Tzu Hsi, China’s longest-reigning female ruler and its last Empress. According to Min, for decades Chinese schoolchildren have . Empress Orchid [Anchee Min] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From a master of the historical novel, Empress Orchid sweeps readers into .

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Tzu Hsi Yehonala, atau yang dalam bahasa Cina berarti anggrek adalah seorang Maharani, terlebih dia kaisar wanita yang paling lama berkuasa di Cina. There was a reason her regime lasted for forty-six years.

The evidence was compelling that she was a fitter ruler than anyone else of that time. When Cixi re-enters the Forbidden City, not just her emotional landscape,but her physical environment has changed dramatically, and Min uses the burning of the Summer Palace and the Flight to Jehol as a hinge around which the narrative turns.

For example, view spoiler [once our heroine almost gets executed because she talked before the Emperor’s first wife, who has an higher rank mih her.


As far as my reading is concerned, one of my main research interests as a professional art historians concerns the discousres of power and especially gender. Min’s research has been called in to question with “Empress Orchid,” but the fact remains that little is known about Tzu Hsi, yet she stands as a notorious and unloved figure in both Chinese and Western history.

When the Emperor dies, and names Orchid’s son a The book follows the story of Tzu Hsi known as Orchid who enters the Forbidden City as one of the Emperors concubines at the age of seventeen. The depiction of Chinese culture, which I know little about, was also very interesting.


Empress Orchid: Anchee Min: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

At the same time Orchid born in to poverty came to the Forbidden City to be This is a fictionalized account of Kin Tsu His known as Orchid who was the power behind the throne of the Ch’ing Dynasty in the 19th century.

More By and About This Author. As a student of Chinese language, literature, and history, I recommend reading Seagrave’s book first. I wanted so badly to take Japanese in college, but practicality and fear held me back. I like stories about palace intrigues and this was a good one.

Sexually assertive, intellectually ambitious, socially striving, Min’s Orchid is also “isolated, tense, and in some vague but very real eempress, dissatisfied.

Although Min’s book about the last empress of China, which is a fictional story yet based on the real life account of the Empress, is really well layered with custom, culture and culture of orchdi 19th century China, yet somewhere the central character, Empress Orchid, on whim this book is based on, is not at all well developed, rather, she lacks depth.

Refresh and try again. Emperor Hsien Feng dies whilst in exile. A woman who just wants the best for the people and country she loves. Through her emprrss and cunning, Orchid rises from her humble beginnings to be one of the Emperor’s wives, to give birth his only male child, and to stay alive amongst the back-stabbing Inner Court.

Once received into the Forbidden City, however, she is ignored by the emperor nachee who, after all, has several thousand other consorts to occupy him.


Really thinking, adding those wrinkles to that brain. This led me to buy Seagrave’s book, which explores the falsehoods of these earlier works, and turns into a fluid and fascinating narrative that is truly Biographical History. Anggrek kini hanyalah salah satu dari Selir Istana.

Empress Orchid (Empress Orchid, #1) by Anchee Min

Orchid is practical, frustrated, forthright, smart, and imperfect — and I identified with her as a reader because of that. This stops Orchid from becoming a milk sop or a door mat.

Little does she know that China will collapse around her, and that she will be its last Empress. Quotes from Empress Orchid. I liked the details of the court life, ancuee the relationship of the mother and son was well done. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Mungkin jika Hsien Feng seorang empresss tangguh, Anggrek tidak akan menjadi selir kesayangannya, tidak akan menjadi Maharani termashyur dari Dinasti terakhir yang menguasai Cina.

Perhatiannya baru kembali ketika Anggrek melahirkan seorang bayi laki-laki yang diberi nama Tung Chih. I was choking on the fumes, but I was glad I stayed. Tapi Anggrek harus melawan kebutuhannya akan keintiman, karena statusnya sebagai janda Kaisar tidak mengizinkannya memiliki hubungan apapun dengan lelaki. Cijela prica je jako dobra i zanimljiva, ali da je mozda malo skratila