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Download Ducati Diavel brochure free at Oto and read about engine, performance, dimension, safety & other technical details. Get to know about Diavel. Request Ducati Motorcycle Brochures and Catalogues. ZigWheels – View latest Ducati Diavel brochures online in Thailand. Download Ducati Diavel brochures PDF free or read online for free. Get brochures of Ducati .

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The XDiavel has a diwvel mm diameter front fork with black anodised sheaths, which can be completely adjusted in the hydraulic braking in compression and extension brochuure in the spring preload the S version also has stems with DLC coating. Guarantee Ever Red Extended warranty. The power supplied by the engine is no longer regulated solely and directly by the accelerator cable, but passes through the control unit which, on the basis of the signal received, electronically regulation the opening of the throttle.

DTC is a very smart system which acts as a “filter” between the rider’s right hand and the rear wheel. Top highlights of the automotive industry in December 31, Ducati launches the XDiavel for Rs. Iceberg White Thrilling Black Configure. Light alloy, Cast, 3,5″x17″. The new Hypermotard SP is designed with sleek lines and surfaces: Ducati Diavel Ducahi News. The SuperSport perfectly balances sport and comfort to guarantee excitement and riding pleasure.

Book a test ride Choose the XDiavel model you prefer and contact a dealer for a test ride booking Choose model Xdiavel Xdiavel s. Finally, to complete the S version, the rear-view mirrors are duvati as a single piece, the seat has bi-material covering, the natural anodised and brushed fork and the Bluetooth module for the infotainment system.

A “symphony” of performance.

Ducati Diavel Brochure

Dauntless, irreverent, unheard of, the XDiavel breaches the world of cruisers davel Ducati values. At the front the wheel is 3. The exhaust pipes have been designed to leave the engine visible and also the central body has been positioned in front of the rear wheel so as to be almost invisible. The DPL has 3 intervention modes where level 1 is the one which provides maximum performance.


The Sport Riding Mode offers pure brocyure, with the engine releasing hp through a precise, expert touch of the accelerator. On the other hand, at the rear the XDiavel has an adjustable mono-shock in the spring preload and in extension, equipped with a separate fuel tank. Apparel Style, elegance and performance are the key words that characterise this line, which uses black in a myriad of shades and tones.

The Xdiavel has the latest evolutionary step of the testastretta engine: When designing each bike, Ducati constantly aims to ensure maximum reliability and to reduce maintenance costs. XDiavel S, on the other hand, has exclusive curved spoke wheels with visible finishings which highlight the design. At this point, simply by gradually releasing the clutch, it is possible to make an explosive start. Configure Book a test ride.

The new Panigale Corse is the highest sporting expression of the famous twin cylinder. The high quality Brembo components combined with Bosch ABS, the specific suspension set-up and Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology guarantee excellent braking performance for the XDiavel as well as utmost safety in all conditions and for riders of any level.

Tubular steel trellis frame. Riding in town means moving attention from control of the accelerator to the surrounding environment: But that was not all: Flaunts the sporty style of your XDiavel S Custom-inspired accessories designed by Roland Sands and sporty details for carbon parts: A bike that projects the concept of Cruiser into modern times, towards the future, a true “Technocruiser”.

Engine is the king Beautiful, powerful, sophisticated.

Ducati XDiavel: unique Sport-Cruiser bikes

Service and Maintenance Services. This brochure consists of the complete information regarding design, specifications, features, photos, images, mileage, etc. A brocuhre handlebar and footpegs that are further forward. A considerable range for high performance engines, which confirms the high quality standards adopted in the choice of materials and research and development processes. Luxembourg nl Luxembourg fr. Ergonomics configurations configurations.


Contemporary and iconic, with an essential design, since decades the Monster family combines these elements to sportiness, fun and riding pleasure. Strong personality both in design and performances, the Diavel mixes sporty soul and comfort and riding pleasure.

The large rear tyre uses double compound technology to increase grip during the most extreme cornering, guaranteeing at the same time high kilometric performance and applying Enhanced Patch Technology to maximise the contact area with any lean angle.

The dream of riding a Ducati. Seat Height mm 29,72 in. Light alloy, Cast, 8,00″ riavel 17″. The DPL is operated by pressing the dedicated button positioned on the right-hand switch. The Touring Riding Mode enables the engine to supply all its hp but with a soft and easy to handle power curve.

Download Ducati Diavel Brochure FREE | Oto

Creative, youthful and spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is more than just a motorcycle, it is a new brand that enhances creativity, self-expression and the sharing of positive emotions. Only for countries where Euro 4 standard applies. Long, low, muscular, modern shapes and technologically cutting-edge components.

Ergonomics ergonomic configurations. The fork has the compression register and spring preload on the left stem, while the extension register is located on the right stem.