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This command is not supported on DS models. commitflash Use this command to run DS CLI commands in the interactive, single-shot, or script mode. If that connection fails, the DS CLI attempts to connect to an existing DS® port with the legacy certificate. If the second attempt also fails, the DS CLI. Complete this task to configure the DS system for use with the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Replication Manager using the DS command-line interface.

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All new write operations to the source since the most recent consistency formation are overwritten with the previous consistency. The revertflash command is used as part of the recovery from a disaster scenario to rollback a Global Ds8000 consistency group that is in the process of forming.

The showlss command displays detailed properties of a logical subsystem LSS. Beginning with Release 5 Version 0, this process is not supported and you do not need to complete any special setup to enable TPC-R to communicate with the machine.

The showextpool command displays detailed properties, tier information, or performance metrics of an extent pool. The chsi command modifies a storage image. The chsu command modifies a storage unit. The lssestg command displays a list of the track space-efficient storage in the storage unit.

Click OK to process the transaction. The lsaccess command displays the access settings of a hardware management console HMC. You can specify two array sites if you are working with a DS machine type, but you can specify only one array site for a DS machine type. The commitflash command is used as part of the recovery from a disaster scenario to complete a partially formed Global Mirror consistency group.

The rmflash ds80000 removes a relationship between FlashCopy volume pairs.


DSCLI – DS Command Line Interface program Download | Storage CH Blog

The rmarray command deletes arrays. The showkeygrp command displays detailed information for a specified key server encryption key group entry on the storage image. The exit command ends an interactive command-line interface session. The lsframe command displays a list of frame enclosures for a storage image.

DSCLI – DS8000 Command Line Interface program Download

The Storage Subsystems panel is displayed. This might be necessary if there was an error during the original FTP of the statesave file.

The sendss command is used by a DS user with administrator authority to send previously created offloaded statesave files to IBM. This command can also be used to display the performance metrics of a fixed block volume. You can use it to set characteristics such as online or offline state, name, and description.

The image ID is the password. The revertremoteflash command is used to restore data on the source volume to its most recent consistency formation. The lsresgrp command displays a list of resource group objects on the storage image. The Local Server connection column displays a green checked dot and the word “Connected” when the connection has been made.

The failbackpprc command copies the required data from the source volume to the target volume to resume mirroring. The showckdvol command displays detailed properties of an individual count key data volume. The lsstgencl command displays a list of storage enclosures and status information for each enclosure in the ds800. The showcontactinfo command displays customer contact information for the ds000 image.

The showsu command displays detailed properties of an individual storage unit.

The table format displayed for the report is not how the actual report is displayed. The setvpn command starts or ends an outbound virtual private network connection VPN. The freezepprc command creates a new remote mirror and copy consistency group. The showuser command displays details for basic user accounts.


Only users with administrator authority can access this command.

List of commands

This command is not supported on Fli models. The helpmsg command is used to obtain details about information, warning, and error messages. The following types of information are displayed on this report: You can use this command to look at the status of each device adapter in the list.

The rmremoteflash command removes a relationship between remote FlashCopy volume pairs. The setcontactinfo DS command provides contact information for your storage system administrator.

List of commands

The lslcu command displays a list of logical control units LCUs for a storage image and status information for each logical control unit in the list. The resumepprc command resumes a remote mirror and copy formerly PPRC relationship for a volume pair. This requirement equates to entering the command twice for a single SFI machine, or either twice or four times for a dual-SFI machine depending on whether the cards are fli for both SFIs or not.

The managehostconnect command modifies the volume group assignment for a SCSI host port. The lsextpool command displays a list of extent pools in a storage unit and status information on each extent pool in the list.

Use the command to set the SNMP addresses for the notifications. C,i command processes the password requirements for the, and systems. Copying between different storage complexes is not supported. The offloadfile command exports the specified set of data files. The showgmircg command displays consistency group status for the specified Global Mirror session.

The rmpprcpath command deletes a Remote Mirror and Copy path.