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A tutorial about CVSNT, a concurrent versions system. How to backup the CVS repository. Includes examples. EVS is an advanced multiplatform version control ecosystem. Supporting many advanced features it remains compatible with industry standard protocols. The CVSNT Versioning System implements a version control system: it keeps track of all . “CVSNT Auditing Tutorial”. Bo Berglund. Retrieved 23 March .

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Now go to the Advanced tab and make sure all checkboxes are checked. Then it should upload everything and you should be set!

Don’t tutorjal aliases in the login scheme, let each user login as himself, for example using: On the Server Settings tab, I specified that the server would run as me.

It should now show up in the big text box in the middle. Continued on page 2 Page: CVS will not accept any user login that is not connected to a “real” account.

Setting up a CVSNT Server

Now you can browse to the location you want for your repository and add a new folder here. Note that after you have done this the Apply button is disabled. Due to this shared history, all features from CVS 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Install in progress Release notes Installation done! If you do and try to checkout it, it will only checkout the directory structure or at least for me.

You need one account which will be a CVS administrative account and one which will be a normal user account. This is done using the “Add” button.


Mail systems will recognize these user names as well see below. This will bring up a dialogue where you can just uncheck the checkbox to disable the protocol: The original limitations addressed were related to running CVS server on Windows and handling filenames for case-insensitive platforms.

In March the project released version 2. Here is the full syntax for this command: The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. Apply configuration changes Now click the Apply button! Also make sure you are logged on as an administrator of the PC using an account with administrative priviliges.

Create CVS directories Tutorila two directories on the target machine, c: However the unstable CVS 1. You can check this by going to a command window and typing the command: You can add as many as you like almost but please do not fall for the temptation to use one repository for each and every project! I specified the location as ‘C: Users unhappy with the limitations of CVS 1.

[cvsnt] CVS complete tutorial

First off i should get into one main thing. This may or may not be necessary depending on your client software.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Testing the CVS connection with sserver Cvsny another command window and type: Ok once you install CVSNT, you need to go to the root directory where you will be storing the cvs repositories and a temp directory. All other traffic is in cleartext This backend incorporated a partial Futorial database repository to facilitate better server performance and more complex server features.

CVSNT is now installed as a service.

CVSNT Installation on Windows – 一路向北 – C++博客

Please set it like this: Often this is not really what we want, instead we want to use the same mechansism as is used with: March Hare Software began sponsorship of the project in July to guarantee the project’s future and to employ the original project manager on CVSNT development and commercial support.


I have used the account names cvsadmin and cvsuser as shown above. Select the View tab and scroll down to the bottom where you find this item.

Note that this command will fail if there is a space embedded in the real account name! The modular nature of CVSNT allows server administrators to dynamically enable and disable protocols as well as load additional functions via triggers such as Audit, Defect Tracking Integration, Automatic Checkout for webservers and more. Torque Owner Sam Contapay. The server is not member of a domain. The server software runs equally well on Unix and Windows.

Setting up a CVSNT Server | Matthew Shapiro | Resources | Community |

Login to the cvs server using an admin account. Notice that on XP-Pro out of the box from Microsoft the permissions cannot be set like this until “Simple File Sharing” is switched off see above.

This file holds all the usernames and passwords. There are other places cvant well If you’re interested in version control, you might also want to consider Subversion W.

Use the lead layout guide to ensure the section follows Wikipedia’s norms and to be inclusive of all essential details.