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an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site (www. ) or from .. , ANSI/ASHRAE , ANSI/ASHRAE ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual: Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems (ASHRAE SP) [Donald L. Fenton, William V. Richards] on . From the editor In a previous newsletter, we discussed the application of ANSI/ ASHRAE. Standard 15, “Safety Standard for. Refrigeration Systems,” to large.

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All pipe connections shall be through the top of the tank only. B9 Provide Drip Legs Ammonia-water mixers shall have the following components: When required, there shall be liquid and vapor transfer valves, a transfer compressor or pump, and refrigerant storage tanks or appropriate valved connections for removal by a reclaim, recycle, or recovery device.

Other heat sources shall be standar separately. The stop valve and line shall be the same size as the higher pressure line. Get to Know Us.

Interpretations To Standard

Highsides of all air-cooled systems: If the valve tags are not properly maintained, an opportunity for incorrect operation by personnel; thereby, increasing the likelihood of making a mistake in the procedural sequence. See Section 5 for classification of refrigerating systems by type. The discharge of the air shall be to the outdoors in such a manner as not to cause a nuisance or danger. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Reentry into Refrigerating Machinery Rooms Reentering an area during an emergency requires sophisticated equipment and training; many national and local regulations govern such activities.

The required evacuation level is atmospheric pressure for systems using R water or R carbon dioxide as the refrigerant.

Write a customer review. Submittal in paper form is acceptable. Refrigeration Classification Scheme Normative Page 3 Erratum Foreword. The main alarm must still be manual-reset only. A dated declaration of test shall be provided for all systems containing 55 lb 25 kg or more of refrigerant.

Specified limits or prescriptions are mandatory. Dual pressure-relief valves shall be installed with a three-way valve to allow testing or repair. Containers used for refrigerants withdrawn from a refrigerating system shall be as prescribed in the pertinent regulations of the Department of Transportation and shall be carefully weighed each time they are used for this purpose, and containers shall not be filled in excess of the permissible filling weight.


Systems containing more than lb 50 kg of refrigerant shall be provided with durable signs having letters not less than 0. Cv Constants for several refrigerants are listed below: A change in the type of refrigerant in a system shall not be made without the notification of the authority having jurisdiction, the user, and due observance of safety requirements.

Hermans, Chair Jay A. Oxygen, air, or mixtures containing them shall not be used.

The quantity of refrigerant in each independent circuit of high probability systems shall not exceed the amounts shown in Table 1, except as provided in 7. When required by 9.

ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual : William V. Richards :

Use a separate form for each comment, completing each section including Sections 1 and 2 to facilitate processing. The diffuser shall provide for mixing the refrigerant with air and shall have a rain cap or means to prevent water from easily entering the vent pipe.

Other treatment systems that meet the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. Table 1 shows the amount of refrigerant in a given space that, when exceeded, requires a machinery room. Air supply and exhaust ducts to the machinery room shall serve no other area. Refrigerating equipment shall be designed for a vacuum of Piping includes pipe, flanges, bolting, gaskets, valves, fittings, pipe-supporting fixtures, structural attachments, and the pressure-containing parts of other components, such as expansion joints, strainers, filters, and devices that serve such purposes as mixing, separating, muffling, snubbing, distributing, metering, or controlling flow.

The means used to build up the test pressure shall have either a pressure-limiting device or a pressure-reducing device and a gage on the outlet side. July 1, a. When contamination is evident by discoloration, odor, acid test results, or system history, recycled refrigerants shall be reclaimed in accordance with 7. The space s containing the machinery is separated from other occupancies by tight construction with tight-fitting doors.


The total of all Group A2, B2, A3, and B3 refrigerants other than R, ammonia, shall not exceed lb kg without approval by the authority having jurisdiction.

ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard 15-2001 User’s Manual : Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems

If supplemental background documents to support changes submitted are included, it is preferred that they also be in electronic form as wordprocessed or scanned documents. The discharge from purge systems shall be governed by the same rules as pressure-relief devices and fusible plugs see 9. When the kind of refrigerant or lubricant is changed as provided in 7.

The discharge shall be terminated in a manner that will prevent the discharged refrigerant from being sprayed directly on personnel in the vicinity and foreign material or debris from entering the discharge piping. When fusible plugs are used on the highside, they shall be located either above or below the liquid refrigerant level.

Pressure-relief valves shall start to function at a pressure not to exceed the design pressure of the parts of the system protected. It shall be the duty of the person in charge of the premises on which a refrigerating system containing more than 55 lb 25 kg of refrigerant is installed to provide a schematic drawing or panel giving directions for the operation of the system at a location that is convenient to the operators of the equipment.

In addition, changes were made to the requirements for pressure vessel protection and references were updated. High-Stage or Single-Stage Compressors: The changes in this addendum are intended to clarify the requirements for internal relief to improve safety in situations where the changes apply. The receiver volume is not required to contain the total system charge but is required to contain the amount being transferred. January 22, Request from: