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Bailey Morgan By Anitra Lynn McLeod – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, sex toys, HEA] Body, soul, and blood Sheriff Dillion. The Paperback of the Bailey Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 1] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove) by Anitra Lynn McLeod at.

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Sheriff Dillion McBride has inherited the seven Morgan brothers. They will run his farm and provide him with a steady supply of blood. To get them at optimal capacity for both, McBride needs to find them suitable mates, but he must also overcome his own growing fascination for Caleb Morgan. The youngest Morgan brother, Bailey, is shy, sweet, and utterly clueless about sex.

At the thrall house, Ferris Jones learned about sex in theory but never practice. Bailey Morgan had never seen such a beautiful man. As the youngest, he doubted the first companion would be for him.

If nothing else, he had anifra pride. All he could do was watch with a sense of hopeless fascination, lyn which one of morban brothers would receive the most stunning companion in the universe.

If that dazzling creature were for him, Bailey swore to all the stars in the sky he would work three times as hard each day if he could fuck that amazing man each night. Absolutely shocked, Bailey waited a full thirty seconds for McBride to move on. His hair was dirty blond and tapered around his forehead and ears. Baileey heart skipped a beat.

Bailey had long dreamed of a companion with gleaming metallic eyes. Trembling, Bailey reached out his hand. Bailey realized his cock was pressing against the translucent weave of his tallos-picking suit. Without the protective fiber covering his body, the buds of the tallos plant would dig into his flesh. Since it was a hot day, he was bare below the protective garment. It was curious to Bailey how something so thin could be so shielding.

The outfit was unsnaggable by the barbs that enveloped the tallos bulbs, but it was also almost entirely see-through. I will bring each of you a companion in turn. All but for Caleb. Rather than go, Caleb planted his feet wide and glared at McBride. Caleb was going to ruin everything. Caleb was lynm oldest and the biggest. Since he often caused the most ruckus, he usually got to go first with everything. Heat had made him sweat and plastered his long black hair around his face, neck, and bared chest.


He looked savage and heartless. His short brown hair was smoothed against his skull from the heat, which Bailey saw when McBride lifted his hat and finger combed his hair back before settling his hat back on his head. Rarely did he even raise his voice. There was something about his low-key manner that made Bailey eager to please him. The threat to take away his share of the profits got Caleb to turn on his heel and enter his house.

About the only thing that worked on the eldest and most massive brother of the Morgan clan was threats against his benefits. Pushing him around was not so effective, even with the prod. Caleb could withstand incredible pain. In fact, Bailey began to suspect Caleb liked receiving pain as much as he liked to give it.

Watching Caleb fuck the sexdroid had been as fascinating as it was terrifying. Mcleeod had gone home hard and disappointed, but filled with dreams of his copper-eyed companion. No matter how many times he smelled that interesting aroma, Bailey had no idea what it was. Something off-world and exotic, probably. An expensive herb or flower, perhaps. Whatever it was, it smelled very good. The battered fabric was once white, but after only a few weeks on the farm, it had turned gray from the black dust.

He removed his boots, socks, and shirt. His companion was almost wholly unlike him. Where Ferris had almost no body hair, Bailey had a great deal all over his groin and legs. His baiey was bare, but the area around his cock was quite dense and thick. His sac was covered, and somehow the thicket of hair gave his genitals an almost sinister appearance. Ferris was not afraid, not exactly, but he was a little intimidated.

Explore him with your fingertips. Touch all the areas of his body. Notice what touches please him the most. He stroked along his sac, up his shaft, and then over the tender crown. Pre-cum slicked his finger, and he looked up as he licked it off. The growl Bailey made was exciting. He sounded like an animal that was hungry for blood and fucking.

Bailey Morgan by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Excited by his command of a powerful man, Ferris tightened up around the device in his bottom, giving himself a dose of pleasure. Ferris slurped at the tip just as Bailey had done to him.

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In the thrall house, no one ever told him when he did something the right way. They only punished him when he committed a wrong. It had been so very frustrating. Ferris found that praise worked so much better to instruct him. But the dark hair that had seemed somewhat sinister was actually quite soft. This caused his mouth to bob upon the length. More pre-cum slid across his tongue, which caused his mouth to water and in turned made him suck harder.

I want to feel him drink me. Ferris wanted that, too. His entire form went tight from the pleasure of his release. Ferris struggled to hold on to him and drink.

Had McBride not intervened, Ferris feared he would have choked and bitten his companion. In the future, you will know to lift your hand from his balls and place it firmly around his shaft. It was clear, though, that McBride was trying to make them good for each other, but it was also obvious he had never instructed a pair of untried lovers, either.

Still, he was far more educational in one evening than all the years Ferris spent growing up in the thrall house.

Frankly, neither was I. Now he will give you the same. Wish List Gift Book.

Seven Brothers for McBride Series

Not a fan of Sci-Fi but I am so very glad to have gotten this book. Will get all the books associated with this series. The ending left me going “what it’s over already I am loving this series. The dynamic between the main characters is moving and then the dynamic between the oldest Morgan brother, Caleb, and McBride is moving me to tears.

I can’t wait for mmcleod next b His morgann eyes widened, and then he blushed. Bailey let out a long, low growl. Pet du Cajun MM. Guardian of His Heart MM. The Werewolf Affair MM. Kidnapped by the Werewolf Hunter MM. Spencer’s Reluctant Rescuer MM. What I See in You. Vist our Help Desk Contact Us.