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Alagh committee report: Recommended remedial measure for the recruitment & induction ajaysinghniranjan New: UPSC: IAS DIST. March, ·. Report of the High Powered Committee for Formation and Conversion of. Cooperative Business, into Companies. ‘- {};: Government of India . Recommendations of Y K Alagh Committee: 1. The report deal with eligibility parameters, the desired Characteristics of candidate in terms of knowledge, skill .

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Is India’s biosecurity mechanism rigorous enough? Are laws covered by copyright?

Poverty Line in India

Petrol prices shall now be subject to periodic revisions based on fluctuations in market prices. Influencing amendments to the Green Tribunal Bill, Role of the Finance Commission.

What does the law say? Re-starting the Tamil Nadu Legislative Council. Skip to main content. This blog presents data on recent poverty estimates Vatsal Khullar – April 25, State of Punjabthe Supreme Court reduced commitree sentence of three persons convicted of rape from 10 years to 3 and a half years, and also asked the three convicts to pay a fine of The Gujarat High Court is hearing an important case related to the appointment of the Lokayukta in Gujarat.


Poverty Line in India – General Knowledge Today

It is scheduled to have 18 sittings during this period. Vishnu – March 14, A recent Standing Committee report on genetically The session has a packed Committwe Draft Land Titling Bill, Experts acknowledge that the present higher education system in India is not equipped to address this problem without some changes in the basic structure Power producers refuse to sign supply agreements with Coal India.

In the aftermath of the nuclear leaks in Japan, there have been concerns regarding the safety of nuclear power plants around the world.

Tech students who completed their course in IIT Hyderabad last All you want to know about the President’s power of ordinance making.

The right to food and food security have been widely discussed in the media. The financial aalagh of Air India. There are a little over MLAs across all states in India.

Mending The Frame

Rohit – February 8, What is Land Acquisition? Vatsal Khullar – November 22, Will judges have to declare assets under the new Bill on judicial accountability? M R Madhavan – February 9, Anil – July 20, Kaushiki – June 13, Constitutionality of Parliamentary Secretaries. Anirudh – March 25, The Lok Pal anti-corruption body Bill has generated widespread interest in the past few days. Prianka Rao – August 2, Chakshu Roy – February 25, Esha – December 16, Shah, submitted its Report to the Planning Commission.


Can Ministers be summoned by Public Accounts Committee? According to report, posting and transfer have become a tool in the hand of political executive with which to force geport servants to comply with their diktatts. According to some estimates Beginning with the Winter Session, which starts on November 24, Rajya Sabha will meet from 11 am to 6 pm, Karan – August 17, How is the poverty line measured?

In a landmark judgment on April 12,the Supreme Court upheld the constitutional validity of the provision in the Right to Education Act, that makes it mandatory for all schools government and private except private, unaided minority Implications for slagh estate allottees.

Anirudh – April 19, Petroleum products are used as raw Vishnu – November 1, The process could take up to 50 months. Avinash – March 17, committtee Recently, the Indian Railways announced rationalisation of freight fares. The Arms Act – Mandatory death penalty declared unconstitutional. As per news reports, the union government has filed a Presidential Reference in relation to the 2G judgment.